What’s The Fuss About?

The other day I turned on the television and decided to watch a popular show called “Jersey Shore”.  Why it’s so popular is what I’m still trying to figure out but I gave it a go just to see what all the hype was about. Anyways, this show is about Italian Americans who grew up in New Jersey.  Are they even all Italian? who knows but from what I saw they just party, go to clubs and sleep with girls/guys.  What’s so popular about this you ask?… I couldn’t tell you; but what I can tell you is there is more to life than just partying on a daily basis. But after watching one episode I decided to watch another because I found it very entertaining.  After watching this episode I realized why this is so popular to some people.  First off popular culture is activities of everyday life, a shared experience, entertainment and a bunch of other things out together.   From a cheesy perspective them partying, drinking and having fun is popular culture in a way.  The content of popular culture can change from time to time and our perceptions change with it. Personal taste and demographics play a part in it too.  I think it has a negative and positive representation on people because some people have different preferences.  I can’t lie, it did rub off on me after the first episode. There’s something about a group of teenagers having fun that is appealing.  Enjoy the preview below!


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I'm currently a Seneca College student.
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