The Current Change In Music

Does anyone even listen to the radio anymore? I often ask myself this question on a daily basis.  I mean when I turn on the radio I hear the same songs over and over again but what I find weird is that I often end up singing these songs.  I don’t like these songs but most of them are very catchy with memorable lyrics.  In fact it puzzles me how songs so stupid and basic are so successful.  For example, I hear this song called “Pretty Boy Swag” all the time by rapper named Soulja Boy.

When I hear this song I think about the state of music today and how the quality of hip hop music is deteriorating.  I used to listen to rappers who rapped for a purpose and a cause, not just for fun.  Now I just hear a bunch of random lines that mean absolutely nothing. What I can say is that artist these days are getting a lot smart and have certainly picked up on something called market segmentation.  This refers to a shift in the marketing world and public in order to better cater to consumers and their specific tastes.  Popular culture is always changing so people are going to want to hear what is “hip” at the time.  Peoples tastes say in the 1990’s were more focused on songs with meaning and something you could relate too.  Currently, I hear a lot of simple dance tracks that have no meaning at all but are still extremely catchy.  I think this is a negative thing because the current generation is going to grow up listening to music that has no meaning.  When kids hear songs about girls, money and cars they want to try and fulfill those things in life.  Artist have to realize that people look up to them and their music affects them, but I guess if people want to hear it, you’ve got to let it play.


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I'm currently a Seneca College student.
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