The Controversial…Black Swan

Recently I went to the movies with my girlfriend and saw Black Swan.  I’ve heard a lot of good things about it and was really looking forward to seeing it.  It was pretty good overall until it got to a very intimate scene where a man was masturbating a girl.  Immediately I noticed a small amount of laughing throughout the theatre which I found odd.  When the movie was finished I noticed that there was a large amount of kids in the movie and automatically wondered what the movie was rated.

After a while I realized that the rating was 14-A.  Film, being one of cultures biggest industries in culture today, should be looked at more carefully. A lot of reviews rave about this film being a work of art and talk about how amazing it is but a little common sense should have been used to rate this film. When I think about culture today I automatically start to notice that sexuality is becoming more and more acceptable throughout society but specifically in films. I believe the people who are producing these films no what they are doing when it comes to consumerism.  They alter films to address the wants and needs of people today but to allow fourteen year old kids into that movie is crazy in my opinion. To some adults this movie is aesthetic which refers to it being a work of art or beauty but not to the kids who watch it.  To the kids it’s just something to get a kick out of and something that is clearly inappropriate. More work is being looked at as epic and a work of art. But is this really the case?



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I'm currently a Seneca College student.
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