The Portrayal of Modeling

Popular culture today is often portrayed in a way that affects most people’s lives.  The show “Americas Next Top Model” is a source of popular culture that, in my opinion, influences the lives of young females.  Not only is “Americas Top Model” such a hit show in the US but all over the world including Canada. What does it take to become an “American Top Model”?  Some requirements are you must be 18 to 27, at least 5’7 in height; you must be in good physical and mental health etc. But what they fail to mention is that you apparently must be skinny to even be considered a contender on the show.

I understand the good in giving regular young girls a chance to fulfill their dreams of becoming a model, but the girls that have been chosen for the show are all recognizably thin. Models are the epitome of beauty; they are the spokespeople to clothing, perfume, vehicles, etc, plastered over billboard ads, commercials and music videos. By perpetuating the idea that a model is perfect both physically and visually it sends the idea that they are what is accepted.  Overall, the modeling world has painted the picture that being tall and skinny is the only way to become a model, rather, being beautiful.  What about the girls who are less than 5’7 and do not carry the “ideal” weight and physical stature?


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