Facebook Beat Down Creates An Internet Buzz

I was randomly browsing the internet today when I came across a disturbing video of a young boy being whipped by his uncle. The boy was supposedly posting inappropriate things on “facebook” about being involved in a gang, which he later admitted was a lie.  He was disciplined, on tape, with vigorous belt lashings from his uncle.  Firstly, this is clearly child abuse and definitely shouldn’t have made its way to the internet.  The internet is a global system that serves billions of people around the world which is a good and bad thing at the same time. This is a horrible thing to see and is completely uncalled for.  “Youtube” is one of the world’s biggest video-sharing websites where people can upload and share videos everyone in the world to see. This shared experience is proof that the content of popular culture has changed over time, as well as the way we perceive it.

Just reading some of the comments about the video really made me think about how and why people perceive horrible situations as something funny.

One person says, “Yes!!! Internet gangstas, ass whoopin with a belt!! The uncle is HARD!” Another says, “Wow, this is funny as hell, serious point, but funny, nothing wrong with keeping your kids straight hahahahaha love it”

The fact that people are applauding this violent act is wrong. This shows that popular culture has changed over time.  Yes, a spanking with the use of an item was looked at as discipline at one point and time, but it was later outlawed and labeled as abuse. When you look at both sides of the situation you realize that the kid was wrong for what he did but the way it was handled was a poor choice.  This video has over 3 million views and from the comments I’ve read this is humorous to most people.  The internet is a powerful tool but the display of this video and the reactions that came from it really makes you wonder about what the state of popular culture is today.


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